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Whippets were reintroduced to NZ in the early 1970's by Mrs M Reynolds of Tynchwick Whippets, Dunedin. With imports from Nimrodel (UK), Rosiel and Dachlah (Aust) formed the foundation of stock bred at this time. There was an increase of interest in 1979/1980 when several new owners appeared on the show scene with both locally bred dogs and imports from Aust & UK. But it was not untill 1980 and after the successful formation of The Whippet Club (North Island), that the SIWC was formed with a small band of members. Mr Bernard Fears Became the Patron for the club and remained until recently. Officials were then elected: President: Mrs M Reynolds, Vice President: Mr Peter Newton, Secretary: Mrs Jackie Newton, Commitee: Mrs H Tee, Miss F Watson, Miss W Mckay, Miss L Reynolds, Mrs S Rolfe, Mr L Rolfe, Mr G Butler, Mrs J Green, Mr J Green Mrs C Wise & Mr A Wise. 

In 1981 the SIWC held two Ribbon Parades and a Sighthound Match, all successful. In 1982 a Whippet Racing Sub committee was appointed, also in August at the National Dog show a combined SIWC & Whippet Club Ribbon Parade was held in Wellington, Judge was Mr B Fears, Some of the winners were: Best on Parade: Rosiel Julianna (Watson) Reserve On Parade: Tynchewick Arrowmint (Fisher) Best Champion: Ch Weathertop Helta Skelta (Powley).  1985 SIWC held Whippet Racing meetings at the grounds of the Timaru Greyhound Racing Club, at St andrews - This attracting new Whippet owners, and 1987 saw a Ribbon Parade and Race meeting held in conjunction. The SIWC also applied to the NZKC to become an associated specialist Breed Club. 

1989 saw 6-8 race meetings being held throughout the year, some being combined with shows. Unfortunately due to the closure of the St Andrews track, also lack of funds and more suitable venues Race meetings have now ceased. The club also held its first open show this year.

1991 the SIWC held it's first Championship show, held at Mcleans Island the judge for this event was Mr J Aitken-Johnston from scotland.

Today the SIWC is still a small band of members and breeders who promote the breed thoughout the South Island. Whippets entries vary at All Breed shows depending on location of shows, but most shows see Whippets with the highest number in the Hound group, and most shows see Whippets taking Group awards and often In show awards. The SIWC holds  regular Champ show and ribbon parades. Whippet of the Year (and class awards). The club also puts out a quartely newsletter -WhippetNewz. The newsletter contains a wide range of topics.

If you are interested in joining the South Island Whippet Club or attending an upcoming event please contact the Secretary for details.

Please if for any reason a Whippet is in need of Rehoming or Rescue please contact a member of the SIWC (list of contacts on the Office Bearers page) for assistance.


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